GSoC: Joysticks
Road Map 2

Road Map

Several small tasks that I intend to work on:






A dinput command line utility that shows joystick info, pressed buttons and axes

Options for: * polling for input, adjusting poll time [OK] * buffered or unbuffered [] * listing joysticks [semi-OK] (fix command line option for l) * giving joystick info [semi-OK] (more info?) * selecting joystick [OK] * thread for receiving normal input, killing it, … [ ] * uninitalizing everything [ ] * selecting dinput exclusive mode [ ] * windowed or non windowed [ ] * issues with -, issues with -j [OK] * splitting code [semi-OK] - check for indentation, configure

A dinput command line utility that tests force feedback, just like fftest
An app that lists the joysticks and their drivers
GUI stubs for joystick testing
Write documentation for the command line tools [ MOSTLY OK ]
Copy documentation to wine wiki