GSoC: Joysticks
Force Feedback and XBox360 controllers

I own several USB joysticks and have recently got myself an XBox360 controller. One of my joysticks, named ‘DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick ‘ has some problems with force feedback and wine and I blamed it on the drivers. For example it makes some ff joystick tests in dinput fail. Later I discovered it kinda works when I test it with the fftest utitlity, so it could be a defficiency in wine’s side.

In a different note the 360 controller had no ff support whatsoever, not even using the afforementioned tool. However, I’ve had success using the userspace xboxdrv driver with some little tweaking, it’s a pretty neat piece of software BTW.

First I had to disable the default xbox 360 controller driver:

rmmod xpad

Then start xboxdrv with these options:

xboxdrv --force-feedback --no-extra-devices

Note: Both commands should be ran as administrator, that means using sudo or the root user.

What the first option does is obvious (ff is disable by default), but the second is due to a bug in the driver and for me Wine and fftest only work properly when it’s present. But that’s it, I seem to be able to get some rumbling going with the 360 controller now.